Indices trading includes the tracking of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, as well as any other security or investment vehicle related to index trading, including indices themselves. Index trading is not based on individual shares, but on the broader movement of the market, which can be a more attractive option to traders than working with individual stocks.

Unlike traditional index trading and over the counter (OTC) trading on indices, contract for difference (CFDs) on indices are financial instruments that allow traders to invest and maximise returns based on the movement of prices moving up (going long) or down (going short) without operating via the central exchange market.

Similar to FX, trades are performed over the counter (OTC), which means trading is performed directly between the two involved parties without the need for anyone else to be involved.

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Trading involves high risk.


Advantages of CFDs on index futures:


  • No middlemen
  • Efficient use of capital
  • Hedging other investments


  • Profit potential in falling/raising market
  • High leverage
  • Free demo account



Why trade OTC index futures with ICM Trader?


ICM Trader offers OTC trading on all major index futures, allowing you to speculate on the movement of a specific index future, without the need to operate via the central exchange market. With the indices made available through ICM Trader, you can trade stocks of over 600 different companies located around the world.

CFD trading of index futures with ICM Trader is fast and straightforward, but most importantly it removes the need to trade through a third party. We offer you the opportunity to invest in a large division of a national market, or an entire market itself, and trade the broad movement of a country's share market index.

It should also be noted that futures transactions are conducted electronically and do not include a physical exchange.


  • Fast execution
  • Efficient use of capital


  • Trade from PC & mobile
  • Hedging other investments


  • High leverage
  • Going long/short



We perform OTC trades on the following major index futures:


  • Dow Jones
  • Mini Dow Jones
  • E-mini NASDAQ


  • E-Mini S&P 500
  • FTSE 100
  • DAX