The trading of stocks or equities involves buying and selling the shares of publicly-traded companies from around the world. This includes the likes of corporations like Microsoft, Boeing and Pfizer, but in principle also relates to any public company listed on the stock exchange. At ICM we offer US stock trading on a targeted selection of companies to enhance our customer’s financial opportunities.

Unlike contract for difference (CFDs) trades, stocks are financial instruments that allow traders to invest and take advantage of prices moving up (going long) or down (going short) without having to pay for ownership of the stock itself. Trades are performed over the counter (OTC) similar to FX, which means the trading is conducted directly between the two involved parties and not via a central exchange market.

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Trading involves high risk.


Advantages of CFDs on stocks:


  • No middlemen
  • Efficient use of capital
  • Hedging other investments
  • No expiry dates


  • Profit potential in falling/raising market
  • High leverage
  • Free demo account
  • Free news, charts and analysis



Why trade OTC US stocks with ICM Trader?


ICM Trader offers OTC trading on a variety of US stocks allowing you to speculate on the movement of a specific share price, without the need to own the share in question. We ensure a fast and simple experience, while crucially removing the need to trade via a third party.
With a CFD contract, you are not trading per pip movement of the share price, but instead, buying or selling a fixed amount of CFDs comparable to a number of shares. It is important to remember no physical share transaction takes place during this process.


  • Fast execution
  • No middlemen
  • Efficient use of capital


  • Trade from PC and mobile
  • Hedge other investments


  • High leverage
  • Long/short opportunities



ICM Trader offer OTC trading on:


  • International Business Machines
  • American International Group
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • The Walt Disney Company


  • General Electric Co.
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • 3M Company
  • Citigroup Inc.


  • Boeing Corp
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Google
  • Apple